Ep8: Why movement matters, and who is allowed to move #abolishICE #herosjourney #originstory

In the spirit of the topic of the show for today, Dave and Bob meander on various dystopias, stories, psychology, and news events relating to movement.  Global movement has been profoundly affected during the pandemic.  Yet, taking a page from Joyful Militancy, the brothers attempt to weave together crucial ideas of movement: who gets to move? If movement leads to change, how can we harness movement?  And then how can movement lead to freedom especially for those that are least free?

Thanks to the artists: HOME, Drake Stafford, Cullah, and the enigmatic Joe Schine.

Amazing resource showing all the proposal to defund from an abolitionist perspective: D4pa.com

Dystopia of the week:

1) The Long Take from the great Children of Men (2006) CW: an attack by paramilitaries that kills a woman.

2) Quote by Elysium director Neill Blomkamp is actually, “this movie is not good enough.”

The mindblowing Michael Caine inspired film The Trip

Great blogspot on reading for the The Hero(ine)’s Journey in Gloria Anzaldua and Adrian Rich’s work.  And there’s a quote from Anzaldua commenting on the “new masculinity.” Yeah, whatever, Robert Bly.

Obama as deporter-in-chief

Awful news as supreme court rules for Trump on fast-tracking deportation 7-2.

Do yourself a favor and read No Wall They Can Build by Crimethinc.

Email us if you want the Sylvia Wynter article.

The amazing Ejeris Dixon in Beyond Survival

Nightswimming by R.E.M.

All eyes on Ibram Kendi’s How to Be An Anti-racist at number 1 in non-fiction.

Alone on Netflix

“We are only as free as the least free of us.” – DPT

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