Ep4: Reflections on white privilege #georgefloyd #Minnesota #cantbeneutralonamovingtrain

This was a hard show this week.  On the one hand, we felt like what do two white guys have to say on the topics of white supremacy and police brutality?  On the other hand, we didn’t want to ignore the world around us.  We certainly do not have any answers. Check our references for more useful people to listen to and read.  If you do listen, please give us feedback. Thanks to Joe Schine for Art, and Drake Stafford and Cullah for music. 

Local activists discuss Why Does This Keep on Happening in Minneapolis?

Background on how riots work and How Nonviolence Ain’t What it Used to Be

To learn more about prison and police abolition, see this great article.

Keannga Yemahtta-Taylor on defunding the police.

75 Things White People Can Do

How Non-Violence Protects the State and Pacifism as Pathology as references for where pacifism has let social movements down

Robin Kelley’s idea of “shelter in revolution” on this podcast

Democracy Now, The Root, Last Week Tonight, and The Daily Show for news

The New Abnormal by the Strokes

Mistborn Trilogy and the way of Kings trilogy by Brandon Sanderson

Rick and Morty

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