Ep16: Education Has So Much To Learn, Part 2: “This Has Never Been Done Before”

Bob starts by updating Dave on the wildfire situation in Central California.  Dave holds serve and updates Bob on serious fires in Colorado. The brothers are both teachers heading back into the classroom this week (well, Dave is).  In part 2 of their mini-series on education, they give an up-close look at Dave’s classroom this week.  They go deeper into the reflection that this combination of crises while having the modern technologies creates a new era in education and beyond.  There’s excitement in that, but this also creates an enormous burden for teachers, students, and parents.  


Picture of Dave gearing up for an overhead smash during last week’s tennis match.


Tuned in


Bob’s gearing up to do lectures on anarchism and reading Anarcho-Blackness.

Dave is jazzed for the new Serial podcast, Nice White Parents.


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Ep6: #defundthepolice

Dave and Bob come together this week in the Sound Studio to try to understand the #defund police movement.  After a little reminiscing about great stickers in their life, they discuss the history of policing, including the failures of reform efforts and visions of abolition of the police and prisons.  They dig even deeper to ask what are police actually for in society? Building on this, they discuss what people can do wherever they are to be a part of these efforts.  

Thanks to the artists: Drake Stafford, Cullah, and the enigmatic Joe Schine

Spike Lee’s brilliant Do The Right Thing (1989, not 1990 or 91 as we stated in the show) and an essay on why people riot.

Mariame Kaba’s historical and historic essay on abolition in the NYT

Pig” as a derogatory word for police has been going on since at least 1811.

Police shot their own anti-bias trainer, interviewed on Democracy Now.

Cheryl Harris’ important essay Whiteness as Property

Critical Resistance’s very important work on defunding and prison abolition

Box Car by Shovels and Rope, one of the best vocal performances Dave’s ever seen

Book club! How To Be An Anti-Racist by Ibram X. Kendi

The podcast Intercepted, this week’s amazing episode with abolitionist Ruth Wilson Gilmore

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IG: Thriving_In_Dystopia

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Ep2: The restaurant at the end of the world

We talk about food in our lives, the world, and in dystopias. Plus we start a new segment called tuned in.

There are a few people to thank. Joe Schine for the amazing art. Drake Stafford for the intro song, and Cullah for the outro song. Really we are just so excited that this is happening and can’t wait to go on the journey with you all. Below are the show notes from the second episode. Thanks for the listen.

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We talked about 4 dystopias on the show today.  They were: Hunger Games, Idiocracy

Demolition Man, and Wall E.

Examples of utopias are: green utopia and scientific utopia.

Cloud City on Tibanna is the planet that Lando’s from.

The long lines for food pantries are captured here in pictures.

In intersecting systems of extraction, 45 keeps meat plants open. Dave claimed 20% of virus spreads in meat packing plants. That could very much be the case.  This article says 1 in 6 COVID cases are meat packers.

Cuba has been dealing with food insecurity for decades.  They have been a leader in urban and low-resource gardening. This doc changed the way we see the world: Cuba and local food

“To change everything, start anywhere.”  Direct action changes our lives and Crimethinc knows it.