Ep7: Vitalist Traditions, Herbal Medicine, and Taking Care of Ourselves in Pandemic

Bob and Dave have been thinking about health and medicine during the pandemic.  This week they host special guest Julie Pacholik, herbalist extraordinaire.  Julie shares her path to herbalism and connection to plants.  Bob and Dave ask her questions about herbalism as a paradigm shift, and Julie gives us ways to think about appropriation, creating community, and how to connect to ourselves and the world.

Thanks to the artists: Drake Stafford, Cullah, and the enigmatic Joe Schine

12 Monkeys for a critique of the medical model.

Free Fire Cider is a great site to get recipes and pushes back against corporate herbalism

The amazing heart properties of rose

Skullcap is a good friend.

Dave can’t get enough of “Alone” and enjoyed the time-traveling nurse on “Outlander”

And Bob is loving “JU$T” by Run the Jewels

Julie has been listening to the podcast Natural MD Radio

Julie’s contact: juliepacholik@gmail.com

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